29 Mayıs 2015 Cuma

Village Institutions Programming

The schools were built near the cultivable fields because one of the aims of these institutes is to teach people the new methods for agriculture. 


The education in village institutes included both practical (agriculture, construction, arts and crafts etc.) and classical (mathematics, science, literature, history etc.) courses. A teacher graduated from these institutes is not only a primary school teacher but also has some practical knowledge about many areas such as apiculture, fisheries, carpentry...etc.

 Even the buildings for these schools were built by the teachers sent there with the help of the villagers. Their daily routine included morning gymnastics, reading hours and farming.

 Each student has to read 25 books for each year and learn hot to play a musical instrument. . 

They also had weekly meetings in which students can freely criticize teachers and school administration. These institutes became good and rare examples of learning by doing and from this aspect they became the subjects for many studies.

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